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Bułka przez Bibułkę is a chain of breakfast restaurants operating since 2012 in Warsaw. A pleasant place in the Stara Papiernia in Konstancin joined the tiny premises in Mokotów and the larger one in the very center.

The success of Bułka przez Bibułka is primarily a rich selection of breakfasts served throughout the day, but also delicious cocktails made with fresh fruit and vegetables. The menu also features many iconic and beloved items such as crunchy Bajgiel and Company - with cream cheese, chives and grilled bacon and an omelette, or Pan Kejki served with whipped cream, fruit and maple syrup. In addition to regular items, we can also try seasonal sandwiches, breakfasts and salads here. Currently, the "Green" salad by Janek Paszkowski, participant of the first edition of the MasterChef program, is very popular. It is a great combination of crispy, marinated beetroot and green peas with a creamy avocado and half-flowing egg, as well as the original dressing of Janka.

A roll of tissue paper is characterized by exceptional attention to detail, both in served dishes and in interior design. On the tables you will always find fresh flowers and atmospheric candles, on the sites beautiful (and delicious) cakes. In the summer, relax with a glass of Prosecco or a glass of iced coffee in a carefully prepared garden.

Do you want to learn more about Bułka and be up to date? Go to http://bulkeprzezbibulke.pl/ or fanpage