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Organic Market

Organic Market in the Stara Papiernia specializes in organic good sales. Offered products have both Polish and EU certificates giving a guarantee to produce without an usage of artificial fertilisers, steroids, antibiotics and chemical preservatives.

Organic Market in the Stara Papiernia cares about best supply, reliable information about the products and consumer education in order to the company’s motto "first we advise, later we sell".

Store offers the highest quality articles from each category nutrition: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, smoked meat, sweets, juices, honeys, and all this, what can pamper our clients palate. With our products you can compose organic breakfast, lunch and dinner, complemented by excellent wines. In Organic Market offer there are also products for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, and people with an food allergy, as well as for those who daily are on different types of diets: non-meat, gluten-free or non-milk products.

Products available in the store in the Stara Papiernia are addressed to anybody who prefers healthy lifestyle. A broad range of products has been developed for each age group, with a special care for children. On the shelves there are also organic and natural cosmetics as well as hygiene and home accessories.

Professional staff of the Organic Market store will be glad to help you with your purchases.